This is this page there are wondrous things for your homework pleasure. Some for my students, some for my band.
I might even remember to update it now and again.
If you want anything in particular then feel free to ask.


Ukulele Classes

Download a PDF of the first few chords and songs.
The family of C
12 Bar Blues in C
My girl
Saturday Morning Djembe Class


MP3 of Kpanlogo
Dog Break video
3/2 over 4/4
3:2 clave over 4:4 swap game


Bappity Bah!
Bappity bell
Hear the batteria arrangement
Bappity Bah bottom part
Bappity break
The Dr Who part


Click here to download the audio of Kpanlogo 

Click here to see a bunch of videos.

Link to audio of The Funk

New tune! 6 4 6


Samba Ninja

Gav’s Afro-cada

Djembe or timbau 

Shekere or caixa

Bell or agogo

Djun or surdo



Intro, warm up, groove



Tom the Pom’s Patented Post-O-Matic 500